Excellence in Customer Service Training using Blended Learning

A leading multinational retailer operating across Canada. This retailer offers customers a wide range of consumer goods including electronics, home entertainment, clothing, grocery, and fresh food. They employ approximately 91,000 part-time and full time employees.


Providing a consistent customer service experience was a problem. Here are some examples of challenges they were facing:

  • Customer Experience Managers (CEMs) were struggling to balance priorities and were spending most of their day reacting to issues rather than proactively managing their teams.
  • Ineffective use of scheduling tools caused long lines and triggered the CEM to ‘jump on a register’ to serve the customer
  • CEMs didn’t spend enough time delegating and coaching their associates, leading to unnecessary escalations of minor issues instead of being handled at the front-line
  • By defaulting to reactionary mode, the CEMs never have sufficient time to diagnose the cause of report exceptions, to coach and develop their associates.


Our Approach

Working closely with the retailer, we took the time to understand the issues and mapped out a course of action that was both timely and aligned with the business objectives. The goal was to design a blended learning program to equip CEMs with the technical knowledge and management skills to encourage, delegate and empower their teams to make customer-focused decisions everyday. The blended-learning program structure is both time-efficient and actionable – giving CEMs the opportunity to immediately practice what they learned.


What we did:

With internal subject matter experts, we built a six-day, blended learning program that combined technicalequip CEMs to encourage, delegate and empower their teams to make decisions which improves customer experience.

Additional Info…

  • 450 Customer Experience Managers (CEMs) across Canada
  • The program is available in both English and French and is AODA compliant
  • Tied directly to existing business metrics
  • Involved almost 40 individual learning assets including video, eLearning, screen recordings, virtual class, on-the-job assignments, case studies, and assessment activities.
  • CEMs had a capstone project to validate what they learned and develop an action plan for their store

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After the completion of the program CEMs made effective use of scheduling tools. They spent more time delegating and coaching their associates to de-escalate and solve customer issues without having to involve supervisors. When a customer issue was resolved quickly by the front-line associates it resulted in a better customer service experience and allowed the CEM to devote more time to strategic priorities.

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