Modern Manager Skills

What if your organization doesn’t offer in-house training or what if there isn’t a big enough cohort of people to run a session and you want to up your skills as a manager now? ARC Learning’s Modern Manager program will start you on a clear path to becoming a better manager.

Without proper training, a manager can quickly become the reason good employees decide to leave. It’s more than reading a book or attending a lunch’n learn, it’s about building the skills you need to run a productive team.

In this program, we have distilled best practices developed with major employers across various industries and combined them with modern learning theory. We leverage online platforms to deliver the quality of in-house training to smaller organizations.

Course Description

A good manager needs to develop their team and achieve sustainable results by leveraging the talents of each team member. In our blended learning program, participants will develop valuable skills like how to delegate and follow-up without micromanaging; how to establish working norms that enhance communication on your team; and how to give performance feedback without the drama. You will also increase your self-awareness and learn to adjust your management style based on the situation – avoiding potential blind spots.

The Modern Manager program runs for 8 weeks (May 27 to July 19). You need to commit 20 hours of your time over those 8 weeks.

There are 4 live sessions (about half the program). The other half consists of activities that finish on your schedule (videos, eLearning, communication profile assessment, etc.).

You Will Learn


  • Individual assessment.
  • Become aware of your ‘blind spots’.
  • Take action to become a more effective communicator (especially with people that you find challenging).

Time Management

  • You will always have more things to do than you have time available.
  • Learn proven techniques to separate the urgent from the important. Then, identify which tasks you can delegate or defer.

Delegation & Follow-Up

  • Dig into leadership style and learn how to focus on behaviour vs. intent.
  • Flex your leadership style to match the situation and get better results.
  • Set clear expectations, provide support, and follow-up without micro-managing.


  • Know the difference between feedback/coaching/discipline and apply the right technique.
  • Give feedback in a way that removes the drama and builds accountability within your team.

Influencing Skills

  • Apply ‘circle of influence’ thinking: fix what you can / seek help to remove barriers / let go of what you can’t fix or influence.
  • Manage up, down, and across by selecting the right strategy to increase your influence.

Difficult Conversations

  • Proactively address issues.
  • Learn about the ladder of inference and how to avoid derailing the conversation.
  • Prepare for the conversation with 7 simple steps.
  • Use powerful questions that will keep emotions in check.
What Is Included
  • Practice with real-life scenarios and learn to use the tools and strategies to solve real-life challenges.
  • Apply what you learn immediately.
  • Flipped classroom model: Ideal blend of individual asynchronous, virtual, and in-person learning.
  • We use a proven ‘spaced practice’ design that allows you to apply small changes as you learn while working… 20 hours spread over 8 weeks.
  • Small class size (12 participants): Get one-on-one time with your instructor plus learn from other managers in the program.

1st Virtual Class: May 27, 2019 1 hour 2nd Virtual Class: June 18, 2019 2 hours In person – Toronto: June 24, 2019 Final Virtual Class: July 8, 2019 1 hour

Who Should Attend

The Modern Manager training program is ideal for new or recently promoted managers. It is also a good fit for any manager who might not have taken training before and feels they could use a tune-up. Contact us to discuss how ARC Learning can work with your organization to embed these critical skills with mid to senior level managers. We’ve done it before with great results!

“I prefer one-day courses”

Becoming a better manager isn’t rocket science but it does take time. Look at what’s covered in this program: communication, time management, delegation, follow-up, giving feedback, influencing, and having difficult conversations. Those skills are vital to becoming an effective manager and it takes time…. Time to learn – time to go back to work and practice a little – and time to learn more based on your experience. That’s why this program is great. Our Modern Manager Skills training program is a 20-hour program offered over 8 weeks. It is a blended learning solution with a proven mix of in-person, virtual and technology-supported learning. In the program, we included multiple touch-points to support your skill development. This program is great because it works around your schedule and because you can complete the program’s activity at your convenience.


Regular Rate: $2,795

Terms & Conditions
  • Programs size will have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 participants. In the unlikely event of fewer than 8 registrants, you will be notified 14 days in advance. At that time, you will have the option to enroll in the next session or to receive a full refund of the course fee. (ARC Learning is not responsible for any travel/accommodation costs incurred).
  • Cancellation Policy:
    • 20+ business days prior to the session = 100% refund
    • 15-20 business days prior to the session = 75% refund
    • 10-14 business days prior to the session = 50% refund
    • Fewer than 10 business days prior to session = no refunds but substitutions may be permitted (for example, someone else on your team).
  • ARC Learning course materials and mobile app are copyrighted and owned exclusively by ARC Learning Inc. Each participant of our presentation training course agrees not to copy, modify or publish training materials and handouts.
  • ARC Learning does not allow any audio/visual recording of any kind in our training sessions.

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