Team Effectiveness

To be successful, you need to know your strengths – both individually and as a team. How well a team works together impacts project success rates, deadlines and inevitably, it impacts the bottom line. That is why team effectiveness is vital to the success of any organization.

Without proper training, a manager can quickly become the reason good employees decide to leave. It’s more than reading a book or attending a lunch’n learn, it’s about building the skills you need to run a productive team.

In this program, we have distilled best practices developed with major employers across various industries and combined them with modern learning theory. We leverage online platforms to deliver the quality of in-house training to smaller organizations.


Course Description

A dysfunctional team Will experience mis-communication, higher turn-over, and dis engagement. Improving team effectiveness means improving communications and working relationships within a team. There are several ways to approach this. ARC Learning is a licensed practitioner of both Insights Discovery and DiSC. Our program will help your team move beyond any issues the team is struggling with, whether it’s a change of leader, demanding workloads, or lack of communication. After completing our training program, your team will be able to work together to solve problems in a positive, practical and future focused way.

Insights Discovery
Insight Discovery uses a simple four-colour model to help individuals understand their unique working style preferences. Participants complete a short online assessment that will generate a 20-page personality profile, identifying strengths, areas for development, and increasing self-awareness.

DiSC is a similar personality assessment to Insights. Instead of being based on pure Jungian theory, DiSC is based on the work of Dr. William Marston with a focus on observable behaviours.

Both models are simple to grasp and easy to apply for participants. Insights tends to be more in-depth with its 72 position wheel but the importance is not the model chosen but rather the actionable conversation that we facilitate with your team during the workshop.

The in-person workshop will dive into how each individual’s style aligns with the rest of the team. We then discuss team challenges. We look at how the team communicates, how they prioritize, what motivates them and what’s hindering their performance. We can help the team create and implement an action plan, with regular follow-ups to stay on track.

You Will Learn To
  • Identify your team’s strengths and challenges
  • Create open and honest dialogue within the team
  • Overcome an obstacle that’s holding the team back
  • Develop action plans for continuous improvement
What Is Included
  • Prior to the session, consult with the facilitator to clarify goals and customize messaging to your team, meet with the facilitator to clarify objectives
  • Participants complete either a DiSC or Insights Discovery and receive a 20-30 page profile that will be debriefed during the session
  • After the session, you will receive customized sustainment activities and strategies to maintain momentum
Who Should Attend

Our Team Effectiveness program is ideal for new or existing teams who are struggling with issues such as a change of leader, demanding workloads, lack of communication or other issues that are impacting performance or engagement within your team.

"Can we do this during a quarterly update meeting?"

ARC Learning can deliver this highly-customizable program in a flexible time-frame, but it depends on what your objectives are.


Please contact us for details on offering this course to your team or organization.


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