ARC Integration Framework

The ARC Integration Framework helps you keep all your learner data and activity in a closed loop system so you can seamlessly improve the learner and customer experience.

ARC Learning works with you to first map out what is needed to fulfill your goals. We then guide you through a variety of functionality choices which are then integrated into a system that works towards a single goal: a sustainable program that achieves your business goals.

Possible use-cases through the ARC Integration Framework:

  • Measure leading indicators of behaviour and attach to learner profile.

  • Seek testimonials from your most engaged learners instead of sending indiscriminate emails to users.
  • Simplify admin and community-building by creating learning cohorts at time of registration.
  • Build ongoing relationship with learners through drip-learning campaign and track your effectiveness.
  • Link webinar activity and survey data with automated certificate generation and CE credits.

Curious how the ARC Integration Framework would look for you?