Our Process

We create and deliver training that meets the needs of your business. Sounds like common sense. Unfortunately, common sense isn’t common practice.

Training can and should be an investment – one that delivers consistent returns. It should be more than ‘checking a box’. It should deliver results and be viewed as time well spent.

At ARC Learning we follow a process that helps us consistently deliver an excellent end result. We’ve named it the A.R.C. process and we’ve outlined it below.


First, we match the training solution to our client’s specific needs. We do that by spending time at the very start of the relationship to discuss and understand the business objectives.

We explore 3 key questions at the start of any client engagement:

  1. What problem or issue are you trying to solve?
    (What skill do you want to develop?)
  2. What have you and/or your team done before?
  3. What metrics (lead or lag measures) exist to ensure that we meet your objective(s)?

Why is Assessment important?

During the assessment phase, we will work with you to define the audience and assess their specific needs. We will also identify constraints like budget, technology, location, and time available.

If you’ve ever felt one of the following when sitting through a training session or completing an eLearning module, then you have experienced what happens when the trainer skips the needs assessment phase.

  • This isn’t relevant to me or my team
  • This isn’t a good use of my time
  • This is boring

If training is boring and ineffective for the individual learners, then is wasteful for the organization. There’s either a mismatch on the purpose of the training or the delivery of the training doesn’t resonate with the audience.


This is where we create a comprehensive project plan along with a high-level learning design. There is a focus on sustainment and instructional design best practices.

We write learning objectives and articulate the evaluation strategy – how else will we know that we have achieved the objectives? This includes multiple levels of evaluation such as quantitative metrics (business lead and lag measures).

We also work with you to identify content available to achieve those objectives. If anything is missing, then we identify the content gaps and develop a plan to fill those gaps.

At the end of this stage:

  • We have identified the specific content required to achieve the learning objectives.
  • We know how to frame the content so that it meets the needs of the learners and the constraints identified.
  • We have an evaluation strategy in place to ensure that we’re achieving learning objectives — and, we know that the learning objectives are linked to the business objectives.


This is where expert design and great content come together to make a worthwhile experience for your learners.

From a business perspective, this is where we build learning assets and manage the sign-off stages with stakeholder and Subject Matter Experts to deliver on schedule.

As adults, we arrive at training sessions with our unique knowledge and experiences. A well designed program builds on those experiences in order to improve skills.

ARC Learning combines modern learning theory with deep business knowledge to build innovative learning solutions. We use responsive and adaptive learning models to maximize the impact of training and build skill in a time-efficient way.

With in-person or virtual classes, the facilitator is critical in creating an experience that connects with learners, allows them to practice new skills and gets them ready and excited to apply those skills back on the job.

For example, in home-building the Architect designs the house. Once designed, it’s the skill and experience of the Builder that will ultimately determine the quality of the finished product. That is what our facilitators do in the classroom. They create the environment and use real-world scenarios to build a truly memorable learning experience.

ARC Learning supports a variety of exciting digital and mobile learning solutions that provide learning anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Contact us today to discuss your needs and see how we can help.